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Testimonials from some of my past pupils

Passed 1st time
Candy is a fantastic driving instructor. I had felt quite apprehensive about learning to drive but her very effective and creative advice, alongside the LDC system, quickly made me see driving in a different way. I soon began to look forward to our driving lessons together. Candy has such a friendly, patient and supportive approach which really helped with feeling more comfortable and confident behind the wheel. I highly recommend Candy as a driving instructor! Thank you!

Pass plus course
In order to pass my test I commenced an intensive course with Candy and felt more than ready for my test when the time came. Candy has an incredibly unique way of teaching with numerous amounts of quirky analogies that will be sure to help you remember a specific point. She makes the simple simple and she makes the difficult just as simple. Having tried to learn to drive with previous instructors in the past Candy was a breath of fresh air throughout the daunting experience of driving. When the time came to get my car on the road and insured I decided to take on the pass plus course offered by Candy. This experience, although a tiring 6 hour day, was well worth the money and by far the cheapest that I had previously seen advertised. Candy's unique way of teaching once again reared its head and made the whole experience both educational and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend anyone to Candy in a heartbeat and I hope you decide to let Candy guide your way through this experience.

Passed 1st time
Candy helped me pass my test first time, I had several other instructors before her who all didn’t work out but something with her clicked and she ensured I passed with flying colours. I was a very nervous driver in the beginning and just the thought of driving gave me anxiety, but she is very calm and reassuring which is exactly what you need in a driving instructor when you’re starting out. In no time at all I was looking forward to lessons rather than dreading them. She always has more confidence in you than you usually do in yourself! You can tell this isn’t just a ‘job’ for her she is invested deeply in all of her students and it shows. She is so supportive and always positive, all the tips and tricks she teaches you make the most difficult driving tasks seem like a piece of cake. You quick up things so quickly with her advice and input which makes learning to drive a much more enjoyable and less stressful experience. I passed my test today after what seems like an eternity of trying and it’s all down to Candy and Ziggy (the car)! I can’t rate Candy enough if you want to pass and be a confident experienced driver, Candy is your woman!

Passed 1st time
The couple of months I spent learning to drive with Candy were not only incredibly rewarding, but also an absolute delight. Candy is an extremely understanding instructor who seems to understand the difficulty of learning to drive and has adapted her teaching style to suit. I was extremely nervous about starting my driving lessons but as soon as I was into my first session I knew I was in the right hands. The methods Candy used were extremely useful to me and helped me pick up the basics of driving extremely quickly, and I believe they’re techniques that will help anyone get on the road. Not only this but spending two hours a week with Candy was also a joy as she is a lovely Woman and a pleasure to be around. Personally the two hour time slots worked better for my learning but of course this can changed depending on what suits you best as a learner, and Candy will also help you get the most from your lessons. I can’t recomend Candy and LDC enough (who also provide you with a book at the start of your lessons, which allow you to read up at home and speed up the process) other than saying that even after a short time I was made to feel confident and comfortable in a car with safety being the main focus. I will really miss my weekly lessons but feel more than ready to get out on the road.

Candy has been the best instructor I could have asked for. Having had near to no knowledge of being able to start a car let alone control and use one on the roads, Candy was able to teach me all of this from scratch, and now I am a fully independent driver with great confidence. Candy as an instructor has the perfect way of teaching. She is calm, patient, understanding, and fun. She is also very easy to get along with, which immediately made learning to drive more enjoyable. Candy also had various creative ways of making me remember things that I found difficult to understand. Although Candy and I both hoped I would pass first time, passing the third time Candy was very supportive and did not once make me feel bad or that I let her down (which I was worried I would feel!) She always said the right things, making me feel good in myself, and once I did pass we were both so pleased. I will forever be grateful to Candy for teaching me how to drive, and I will miss our weekly chats! I would highly recommend Candy to anyone, thank you Candy!

Passed 1st time
I would highly recommend Candy as she is the most calm and patient instructor I could have asked for. She was always asking what I was concerned with, areas I wanted to focus on, to make sure I felt confident and at ease for my test. Candy has a non intimidating approach with which I felt I could ask any question no matter how silly they seemed. As I was rather reluctant to start learning, I cannot thank Candy enough for helping me fall in love with driving.

A great result
After failing a driving test and losing all my confidence 8 years ago, I gave up on driving and carried on with life. Since having my two children I realised how important it is that I gain my driving licence. I was recommended Candy by my aunt who was also a nervous learner and it was the best recommendation I've ever received. After the initial phone call with Candy, I already felt more at ease about finally getting on the road. She came round a few days later for a face to face chat and we discussed availability and how many lessons I would require before having an hours assessment lesson. All of which was free! After our first drive together, I knew that Candy was the perfect instructor for me. Her calm approach and style of teaching was exactly what I needed. She was able to explain the basic mechanics of the car and teach manoeuvres in a way that was simple but extremely effective. She just filled me with confidence before, during and after every lesson and helped me stay calm in the run up to my test. Because of Candy, I managed to pass my test first time in 8 years. I couldn't recommend her more!! Absolutely fantastic. My life has completely changed and it's all thanks to her.

A well deserved pass
I can't believe how far I've come, I was a very nervous driver when I started and thanks to Candy I'm now a fully licensed confident driver. An amazing instructor that made me at ease and explained things brilliantly. All the videos and books given by the LDC team were also fantastic. A fab instructor and couldn't come more recommended from me!

A well deserved pass
Candy and the LDC system really worked for me. She is patient and supportive all the way, she has an incredible knack of explaining things to make them memorable. The LDC system was perfect for me with a read, see, do concept which really helped to embed the learning. After a couple of half hearted attempts at learning to drive well over 15 years ago I thought driving just wasn't for me. I passed after only 28 hours of tuition with Candy and LDC. Id recommend LDC and Candy especially, to anyone.

Third time lucky!
Candy was my third driving instructor and having failed twice before, I had a real lack of confidence in my driving. Candy helped me build up my confidence with techniques and skills in a very creative way. Candy’s lessons were completely personalised to me, as we focused on my weaker areas until I felt confident in them. Thank you Candy for helping me get through the driving test! I can’t wait to start the pass plus!

I found learning with Candy easy and good fun, she helped me to pick up techniques in a really quick and easy way. She’s taught me skills I will use for the rest of my time driving and I would recommend using the LDC to system to any new drivers. The hands on student approach worked really well! I owe all my driving to Candy so thank you and would 100% recommend!

Passed 2nd time
I still can't believe I've passed my test and I know it wouldn't have been possible without the tuition of Candy! Her analogies and methods definitely stick in your head and help to calm you down and focus. The best thing about learning with Candy is that she will not leave you scared of anything, she will repeatedly help you build yourself up until you have a strong foundation and you can drive confidently. The LDC workbook exercises are also great if you're a visual learner this book also helps during lessons when you can't get your head around certain things. Overall, having been with two instructors previously, once Candy teaches you, there's no going back, you're going to pass! Now on to PassPlus, thank you so much Candy you legend!

Passed 1st time
I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Candy; she was always supportive and made sure I got the most out of each lesson. It was particularly helpful to have the LDC book to work through, this meant I knew how I was progressing and when I had covered all the main aspects of driving. With the added support of the LDC YouTube videos, I felt in control of my driving and could easily go over any topics whenever it suited me. Thank you Candy for a brilliant start to my driving.

Passed 2nd time
I cannot thank Candy enough for getting a bag of nerves and panic like myself through the test. After a bad first experience with driving, she totally put me at ease, and through her calm nature, LDC's materials and the menagerie of metaphors in the backseat I finally feel confident behind the wheel - something I never thought would happen! She's a wonderful woman and a fantastic instructor who I would highly recommend to anyone and everyone. Thank you so much!

Passed 1st time
Thanks to Candy I passed my driving test first time with only 1 minor, something I didn’t dream possible! Candy took me on as a very reluctant and nervous learner, but thanks to her unyielding patience and very creative teaching methods, I’m now a very happy driver! The LDC resources available are a brilliant addition and I really valued the support they offered. The workbook definitely helped me in my early stages of learning and the material provided to help you pass your theory test is something I highly recommend to all learners. Thank you, Candy!

Passed 1st time
I couldn't be happier with my driving lessons with Candy and LDC. She was incredibly patient and reassuring, whilst still managing to push me to become a better driver. I would not have passed first time without her, and I certainly would have enjoyed my lessons a lot less. I highly recommend her.

Passed 1st time
I passed my driving test first time with the help of Candy and her fun ways of teaching. Candy has been an amazing instructor and is very patient throughout the process. Even when I struggled to understand something she would adapt her ways of teaching to suit me and it was extremely helpful. She has been brilliant, funny and I will always have her to thank for creating the catchy phrases I needed to remember to help me pass my driving test. I really recommend Candy and am sad to see our fun lessons come to an end. Thank you Candy!

Passed 2nd time
I passed my driving test second time with Candy and I couldn't have chosen a better instructor to have had throughout my driving journey. She is so supportive and friendly and always make you feel safe and comfortable. I found Candy's way of teaching brilliant as she adapted her teaching to suit my needs. The resources that LDC provided were extremely helpful and helped me to prepare and understand what I was doing before each lesson. I highly recommend Candy and will miss our lessons.

Passed 1st time after a 3 week semi intensive course
Candy has been an insightful and perceptive instructor, tailoring and adapting the lesson plan to my individual strengths and weaknesses. She has also been very kind and accommodating with my arrangements. The LDC course also provided a wealth of resources to equip myself with the necessary skills to pass both the theory and practical exams. Overall, I would definitely recommend her to be your driving instructor.

A great result!
Five-star teaching! Learning (and passing) with Candy has been a real pleasure. I came to driving at 34 convinced that I’d never be able to drive…and I PASSED! I found Candy to be a patient, funny, confident, honest and creative teacher. During lessons, I felt very supported and in extremely safe hands. Candy has a truly unique and imaginative way of helping you learn and I’m sure her catch phrases and metaphors will stay with me as I drive independently. The LDC workbook was also great resource, which helped to galvanise my learning. The process of learning to drive ended up being enjoyable and that was a huge surprise to me, the only down side is that I’ll miss seeing her every week!

Passed 1st time
I highly recommend LDC driving school and my instructor Candy. Although I was initially hesitant about learning to drive, Candy's patience and support made learning to drive an enjoyable experience, helping me to become a confident driver. She ensured that each and every lesson was catered to what I wanted to do and with the assistance of the LDC workbook it meant I was able to keep a track of my progress. I highly recommend my instructor Candy, it is all thanks to Candy’s help and guidance that I passed my driving test first time and I am very grateful to have been able to learn to drive with such a friendly and supportive instructor!

Pass Plus course
My Plus Pass course with Candy really boosted my confidence with driving and has improved my driving experience overall. I found that Candy really took the stress out of advanced driving for me and taught me valuable driving skills and techniques. As well as making me feel at ease in the driver's seat, I became more efficient with driving in different weather conditions and at night time. I would highly recommend Pass Plus with Candy as I am now much more self assured with independent driving.

First time pass
I passed first time after learning with Candy. I waited a few months to actually have my driving lessons due to her busy schedule, however it was well worth the wait! I grew so much more confident with my driving thanks to her, and now I can drive, it will make the journey to college so much easier and convenient. She was the best instructor I could have asked for, as she was so calming, and patient. (She also has some fantastic analogies and names for difficult areas!) The LDC system is easy to follow, and gradually builds up skills needed to drive safely. I will miss the fun lessons I had with her. Many thanks to Candy for her kindness and support- I really couldn’t recommend her enough!

A well deserved pass!
Learning with Candy was a joy, so much so now that  I have passed I miss the lessons. Candy is a wonderful driving instructor who has the rare gift of making the process simple and understandable, without ever being patronising.

Confidence building lessons 5 years after passing test
Candy is a fab driving instructor! Having not driven since I passed my test five years ago and having had my confidence knocked she has made it possible for me to drive again. She has improved my confidence and reduced my anxiety around driving massively. A huge thank you, I cannot recommend her enough!

Patty Patty
First time pass
I passed first time with Candy! Lessons were fun and engaging - Candy is a wonderful teacher and an absolute pleasure to learn to drive with.

First time pass after a 2 week course
Having limited time to pass my driving test, I booked a two week intensive course with Candy Roberts at LDC. Throughout the course Candy proved to be a fantastic instructor, being very reassuring, helpful and friendly. We managed to cover an incredible range of topics in a short space of time and the speed of progress was fantastic. I felt very comfortable behind the wheel after only a few lessons and thanks to some great teaching, I was able to pass my test first time. I had a great two weeks and would highly recommend learning to drive with Candy. I’m very much looking forward to our Pass Plus lessons next year!

Katie overcame her nerves!
I was so nervous about learning to drive that I put it off until I was almost thirty. Luckily, Candy is an incredibly patient and creative teacher who let me work through things at a comfortable pace, but always encouraged me to progress. The LDC workbook also helped – it's particularly great for anyone who likes to work visually, seeing things written down and explained through diagrams. Being able to read up on what I was going to be doing in each lesson let me feel more confident. I will forever be grateful to Candy for helping me overcome one of my biggest fears and finally get my licence. Thank you, Candy!

Passed first time
Passed first time, with 1 minor! From my first day with Candy I knew straight away that she was the right person for me! She has the most calming voice that keeps you at ease. Candy always had brilliant new ideas to help me memorise different things, and along with the LDC handbook everything was made clear and simple using diagrams and slogans. I would definitely recommend Candy to anyone that is looking for a fun, patient teacher with simple techniques from the LDC system. Thank you Candy!

A good result!
Candy is a fantastic teacher. She’s always patient and puts you at ease while encouraging you just enough you to take the next step and progress. She always has inventive new ways of explaining or remembering things, and with the LDC system everything is made simple and easy to understand with pictures and diagrams. Candy was also great when it came to taking my test, she thought of everything, even down to calming those pre-exam nerves. Unfortunately, I didn’t pass first time but Candy never stopped encouraging me and after a few more hours behind the wheel I passed second time around. I would genuinely recommend Candy and the LDC system to anyone and I really can’t thank Candy enough for all the help she’s given me!

Passed first time
I would 100% recommend Candy to anyone who wants to learn to drive in a productive but stress-free manner. I learnt to drive in just over 3 months. The progress I made and the confidence I gained in such a short amount of time is astonishing, and I put it all down to Candy’s calm and supportive way of teaching. Also, using LDC’s accompanying book helps to consolidate your learning when you are not out driving, with helpful information and quizzes to walk you through everything you learn in your lessons. Candy was able to fit my lessons in around my work and uni commitments, so learning to drive with Candy is a truly accessible goal for anyone. I’d like to take this opportunity to thank Candy for all the hard work she puts in to each and every one of her clients :)

Passed first time (19 years after the last test!)
I Passed first time after doing a week long intensive course with Candy (well second really, but 19 years in between tests gives me a bit of leeway I think!) I have always been a bit of a nervous driver and struggled with my confidence, however Candy is a great teacher and taught me to have faith in my abilities and to trust in the car (Ziggy is a lovely car to drive!). Candy allowed me to learn at a pace that suited me and adapted to my learning style as the lessons went on. I have been driving happily now for just over 3 weeks and plan to do a PassPlus test with Candy in another month or so. All in all the whole experience of learning to drive and having such a patient teacher was a lot of fun and has made a huge difference in my life, Thanks Candy and Ziggy!

Passed first time
Candy is a truly amazing driving instructor. She makes you feel completely comfortable and gives her full support at every stage of your driving lessons. With using the LDC workbook you are able to fully understand how to carry out each driving task, and look back on anything you need extra help with. I would 100% recommend Candy to anyone wanting to take driving lessons!!! 😊😊😊

Passed first time
I really enjoyed my driving lessons with Candy. She is extremely patient, found ways to fit lessons around my crazy schedule, and had creative ways of explaining things I found difficult to understand. The LDC system and book complemented this very well by consolidating my learning between lessons and highlighted areas I wanted to work on. I'm so happy to have passed with only two minors, and feel confident I have learned how to keep myself and others safe on the road. Cannot recommend Candy highly enough!

First time pass
Best teacher ever. Your funny, informative and chilled style of teaching was perfect for me. I'm really going to miss our chats and lessons, but I'm so happy to have passed with your support x

Passed 2nd time
From the very start I was made to feel very welcome by Candy who was very patient and supportive. When I failed my test on the first attempt Candy encouraged me to push on and never give up. I then past on my second attempt. Candy was always very flexible and fitted the lessons around my commitments. I found the LDC book a great help as I wanted to learn more. I would recommend Candy to anyone who is contemplating learning to drive as my own personal experience of learning with Candy was fantastic and I would really like to take this opportunity to thank her for all her kindness, patience and support, without her I wouldn't be driving now.

A great result
Learning to drive with candy was great, she is patient and calm all the time even when I was struggling to get to grips with things, her innovative approach to learning such as the sixways roundabout really helps you remember and put things into practice. Anybody thinking of learning could not do better than giving candy a call 100% recommend her and the LDC system.

First time pass
Candy has been an excellent, dependable, patient and calm driving instructor. I thoroughly enjoyed our lessons together and was immediately put at ease the first time I stepped into the car. Thanks to Candy being such a great instructor I always looked forward to our lessons together and my nerves about driving soon faded and my confidence grew. The LDC system was fantastic and I found the workbook really useful as it enables you to timetable your lessons and read about the different topics before each lesson. I am so pleased to have passed my test first time with only 3 minors! I would 100% recommend Candy and the LDC system to everyone, thank you Candy!

Pass Plus
As well as passing my test with Candy, I also completed Pass plus with her. I found it very useful as it was adapted to suit the types of driving I am most likely to be doing or that I haven’t had any experience of. Thank you for being a brilliant instructor.

Confidence building after driving test
I had extra lessons with candy after passing my test. I am slightly older than the average new driver and was really nervous. We covered areas that I found really difficult and candy managed to build my confidence enormously. She is fab at explaining things in a fresh way, that have really stayed with me. Thank you so much candy!

Passed 1st time
Candy Roberts is such an amazing driving instructor, I would 100% recommend her to anybody wanting to learn how to drive. She helped me so much and we spent lots of time together throughout the months. The lessons were really good and fun. The LDC system which she uses is fabulous, at the beginning of learning how to drive students are given an LDC workbook which has all the information about each topic throughout driving. Also students are able to set themselves targets each lesson and Candy goes through them at the start of each lesson.

First time pass
Candy has been an amazing driving instructor, she's helped me so much the past few months to be a safe driver on the roads! With her help and the laughs we had I managed to pass first time! It was so much fun learning to drive with Candy and I would 100% recommend LDC driving school to anyone who is looking to learn to drive! I'm also going to be doing the pass plus course to help me become an even better driver for the future! Thanks again to Candy for all her help and advice she has given me :)

Great start to the New Year, Tom!
Excellent and dependable teacher, I really enjoyed the lessons and her helpful advice. The LDC system was really effective and helped with both the practical and theory side of driving. I would highly recommend Candy.

Well done Nat!
Wonderful teacher, has great patience and gives amazing motivation! The LDC workbook also helped me tremendously to take in as much about the road as I could. I heavily recommend Candy and am over the moon with the results!

Passed 1st time
Great first time pass. Really enjoyed learning to drive with Candy and Ziggy (the car) was a great car to learn in. I got my own car one month before passing my test and would recommend this to anyone, as it helped me a lot. The LDC system was also very good for me, especially the book.

Great first time pass!
Having found myself in a really tricky situation where my driving instructor canceled on me 2 weeks before my test Candy kindly stepped in to help me take my test even with such little notice. We had an 8 hour intensive driving day together and with Candy's help I was able to pass my test the following day! I also found the LDC workbook really useful.

A great first time pass!
I had the best time enhancing my driving skills with Candy. Having been on and off driving lessons over nearly 2 years I am so excited to have passed 1st time and with only 2 minors! She was so welcoming, patient, positive and always had a smile on her face. My confidence grew so much when learning to drive with Candy and also with the structured LDC books and online videos, I couldn’t have been more prepared on the day! I cannot be more thankful for having so much confidence in me and making sure I was happy with everything before the test. I am very much looking forward to the Pass Plus lessons with Candy and would recommend her and the LDC driving school to anyone and any stage of learning!

Passed 1st time!
Learning to drive with Candy was amazing. I really looked forward to lessons because she was very welcoming and that helped me when driving so I didn't get as nervous. She stayed calm and patient throughout all of my lessons and I passed first time because she made sure I was 100% confident with everything and I didn't need to worry on the test as I knew what to do.

Passed 1st time!
Candy was my 3rd driving instructor I had and within the space of around 3 months I passed first time with her! She allowed me to learn in my own car and got me up to test standard really quickly! Very friendly and comfortable to be around and made me feel happier about driving. Love the LDC driving system, the books and DVDs helped a lot! Definitely recommend to anyone! :)

A great result!
I had been struggling to pass my test for years, but after taking lessons with Candy for only a few weeks, I successfully passed with just 4 minors. Candy remained patient, understanding and supportive throughout all my lessons and helped me look at driving with a new perspective. She instilled self-belief and confidence within me, which ultimately helped me achieve the result I wanted.

Learning to drive with Candy was thorough yet fun. Using the LDC system has improved my driving ability and safety on the road permanently rather than just to pass my test. Candy's friendly personality was very welcoming and definitely helped combat my nerves and I now actually enjoy driving! Thanks Candy for being a great instructor and driving companion, I can't thank you enough.

Candy is an amazing driving instructor. She is always very calm and patient. She teaches in a very accessible easy to understand manner. I immediately felt comfortable with Candy and found the LDC programme very good. I would definitely recommend Candy. I passed in 3 weeks and with Candy so could anyone.

Ellie CEllie C
Thank you Candy for teaching me. I was so happy to pass first time!

I really enjoyed my driving lessons and was thrilled to pass my driving test first time! The LDC workbook and DVD were really helpful to use before and after my lessons.

Thank you so so much to you Candy you're a brilliant instructor. I also found the LDC system very helpful too and would definitely recommend you to anyone that wants to pass their test quickly.

Candy has been a fantastic teacher. She did a great job inspiring confidence in me, something I had struggled with before Candy started teaching me. The LDC Driving School has a brilliant system whereby the lessons are student focused, thus making you really think about what you need to improve on and helping you engage in the learning process. They provide resources which guide you through, helping you become a safe and confident driver, as well as preparing you for the test. Candy adapts well to different needs; she has a great talent to recognise your weaker areas and help you improve on these. For example I found Six-Ways roundabout difficult but Candy created innovative ways to help me become confident driving it, and she was fantastic in helping me with my nerves for the big day! I have now passed my test and am very grateful to Candy for all her hard work.